Random thoughts (captured in my BlackBerry)

I want to bottle this feeling up so I can come back here again everyday. There's nothing like being with a person that loves you just for you. Even if I can't have him with me all the time, it's nice to know he loves me in this moment. If only we could have worked it out back then. Who knows what would have happened? Regardless, I'm loving this feeling! As nerdy as I am, he likes me for that and allows me to be that way. He loves so many things about me that I can't even begin to understand why. His touch is different now. He really knows the kind of love that I need. It may be too late for us but I'm glad that he knows the feeling of loving me in a way that makes me feel warm & wanted. I want him in my life forever! This time around it's different though. We can be 100% honest & I have nothing to be worried about. We can't be together right now so the worst case scenario is that it'll stay that way. In my dreams, he'd be standing on my doorstep with all his things. I'd let him in with no questions asked & love him like I should have from the beginning...with no fear. We both deserve to know how that feels.

Found this in the abyss of my rambling that rarely make it out of my BlackBerry. Reading this takes me right back to that place when I had to hurry to get this out of my heart before it exploded all over the table. Even if it did, I don't think either of us would have really been opposed to it! Note to self: Love like the world is about to end & worry about the rest later!

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