Hey Good Lookin'...

To risk sounding conceited, I have to brag about how awesome my hair has been lately! I've been experimenting with a few different (and some old) products and techniques to see how I can change things up a bit. I've been very satisfied with the results. I've also started using more of the hair clips I have in my massive stash. I even added a couple of new additions...more on that later in this post! So here are a few shots of the moptop:

I'm pouting because it's super humid & I'm sweating like a race horse!

Here's a close-up of the cute flower clip that I recently bought from Alex of The "Good" Hair Blog. Check her out! She is so unbelievable cute & her curls is ADORABLE! She's got me back to my mixology roots. I'll definitely be stalking her Etsy store everyday & you should, too!

I had to throw in this picture that I snapped before church because this is my FIRST SUCCESSFUL braid-out since I have been curly! Every attempt ended in a tangled & dry mess. Today's results yielded very defined, luscious & springy curls! YAY ME!! My victory was short-lived because I was only out and about for church and breakfast with friends. Afterwards, I headed straight in to wash & deep condition. I'm hoping to mimic the same results for tomorrow as I could sure use more great hair days like this!

Bonus shot of how I keep my hair products & accessories organized

The world's most random side note: The good life is having smoked Gouda with crackers & apple I'm doing right now! *WIN*


  1. I am digging the hair. Looks great and it's really growing.

  2. Thanks! I'm currently on a challenge to see if I can grow it another 3 inches or so by Christmas. Stay tuned...


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