Imperfect Prayers

Dear God,
It's me again! I left something out that last time we talked. Honestly, it probably wasn't really appropriate to mention it then. Let me stop rambling & get to the point of this because you're a busy man & I don't want to clog the main line. I was just hoping that maybe you could make sure that red lipstick is still hot once I get my braces off. PLEASE! I'm begging you! I've really tried to be good & stick to a nude lip with all of this shiny hardware in my mouth but it's getting really hard. I'm sure you remember my very first tube of red Fashion Fair lipstick. It was on point but definitely too much for a novice 7th grader like myself. Nontheless, I did by best to rock it even when I it was all smeared on my teeth & chin making me look like Courtney Love (post Kurt Cobain). And let's not even get started on how much of a disaster it was when it was time for band practice. Since then no other lipstick has captured my heart...UNTIL NOW! This is where Part Deux of this prayer comes in! Could you also make sure that MAC's Ruby Woo is not wiped off the face of the earth before I can get my grill completely in order? I know I'm not supposed to lust after things but I'm sure you would render this makeup marvel covetable! I promise that I will totally get it right this time & keep it classy with constant mirror checks. Ok, I'll let you get back to being your marvelous miracle working self! Keep it righteous!

Love Always,

The object of my affection! *sigh*

Links to some ladies that have pushed me over the edge & made me think my life is incomplete without this lipstick!


  1. You should just go ahead and buy the lipstick and save it til your braces are off. I understand about having braces. I had braces for 4 years and 2 years with a retainer. Lol.

  2. I'm planning a trip to Macy's to play around at the MAC counter this weekend. I'm low on my Viva Glam gloss so this is a perfect time to test run Ruby Woo.


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