Made you laugh!

As fate would have it, I've managed to catch ill! (I love to hear Southern people say that as if it was running loose!) Normally, I get a summer cold but this time it's a tad bit more serious and required a doctor's visit. I won't know for sure what plagues me until Thursday but I'm glad for the rotation of antibiotics from the doctor. My energy hasn't been the highest for the last couple of weeks & I thought it was just the insane schedule that I'd been keeping. Now I know that my body was screaming for a rest! I've been restricted to home & work which makes me sad because I feel like there are adventures out there to be had...without me! To kill the time during my isolation, I started going through my phone & camera to clear out any pics. I ran across a few gems that made me chuckle and reminded me of some good laughs over the past few weeks! FYE...

The latest in t-shirts as headwear chic a.k.a. hair washing day!!

Rooftop aftermath a.k.a goofing off at my favorite trolley stop!!

Photo behind the back just for the purpose of being goofy!
Hopefully, these dang blasted coodies will be over soon & I can get back to having some fun! The extrovert in me is really having a hard time being caged in. At least, I have my furry babies at home to keep me entertained with their antics & to snuggle!


So, what do you think?