Stumbling onto the right answers...

I had a little bit of downtime on my vacation last week & had an opportunity to reflect on lessons that I've learned (& re-learned) this year. I don't think the blogosphere has enough space for me to go into details on how & why. Besides, I think the lessons are far more valuable than the stories at this point. Though the process of learning is not always easy or the most comfortable position to be in, I find myself humbled and grateful to undergo such a thing. I always hope that I'm making the best decisions & honestly, I never really know until I'm crossing the threshold into the consequences. If I had to grade myself on mastering this life thing, I'd say I'm passing. The challenge is just getting from good to great! Enjoy!
  • Pick up my feet! (Directed at my clumsy inner 13 year old self!)
  • "Why?" is never a dumb question when my happiness/destiny is involved.
  • Get carried away in what I love!
  • It's not my problem when someone can't see how awesome I am! (*not trying to be conceited)
  • Don't suppress my inner pioneer!
  • Fear is a wasteful emotion.
  • If hearing "no" is the worst case scenario, I'm in a good place.
  • When I love from the right place, I'm energized.
  • Inspiration is omnipresent if I just change my perspective.
  • Keep believing in a fairy tale ending until it happens. It will!
  • Those that want me in their lives will make it known & make room.
  • Some things are worth just doing & apologizing afterwards.
  • Stop apologizing so much!
  • Great thinkers must eventually move on to be great doers.
  • My grandparents & parents did what they could to open doors. I can't be afraid to kick in the ones still closed!
  • Buying planes tickets to travel thousands of miles away, without a clear game plan, isn't really that scary.
  • Don't be afraid to walk away, especially when no good is possible.
  • It's okay to keep a mystery about me to preserve what I treasure most.
  • Not only does my opinion matter but it's also relevant.
  • Don't be afraid to offer silence as an answer when action will speak louder.
  • I'm enough!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

On Repeat...

Since my new-old position kicked off, my schedule has been a bit erratic. It all happened at the time of some major rollouts so I've been spending longer days at work. Music has been keeping me sane! Here's a bit of what I've been looping non-stop:

So Beautiful - Musiq Soulchild

Slow Dance - Keri Hilson

Come Close - Common & Mary J. Blidge

More Than Love - Amerie & Fabolous

Break You Off - The Roots & Musiq Soulchild