I D.I.Myself!

Last week, I was goofing off on the interwebz & catching up on Bloglovin' when I ran across an interesting D.I.Y by Leslie of FASHION du jour. Funny that I'd worn a skirt that was perfect for it just that day. Plus, I was attending a friend's engagement dinner this past weekend & it seemed like the perfect controlled setting to try it out. Check out some (unedited) pics I took after the dinner:

If you're interested in seeing how it's done, check out FASHION du jour's video here. My skirt/shirt was the AA interlock a-line skirt & was perfect for this. I added a tank underneath because I didn't want to flash anyone at dinner! Plus, it's hotter than monkey balls here and I hate feeling like I'm sweating through my clothes. Gotta keep it classy at all times!


  1. You look amazing!!!! This is perfect. I'm going to link you to my page! XOXO

  2. Thanks! I'm going to give it another run soon!

  3. yay!!! nice work, Tiffany! I love it :)

    Eboni Ife'
    The Fashionista Next Door

  4. Thanks, doll! I love your blog, too!

  5. What a cool idea! It turned out really well too, the outfit is great.

  6. Very pretty, I love the one-shoulder look this season, and I especially like your top because of the dolman sleeve. Super cute!


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