*pinky swear*

So, let's make a promise...I promise to be who I want to be today & you just do the same! Seems simple enough & I think I do a pretty good job of it but just not consistently. By that, I mean that I don't look in the mirror and make that commitment to myself each morning. Normally, it kicks in midday and then I'm racing trying to do something to satisfy that longing. If nothing else, I go to a place that I've never eaten dinner or sneak out of town to explore. Some of these moments do require planning but many just require a conscious effort. If it's nothing more than reading a book or taking an online course. Lack of money and other resources are not sufficient reasons to fall short of this. You do the same and we'll see where it takes us. And of course, we have to seal it with a pinky swear! Now get off the interwebz & go be you while there's still sunlight! *muah*

*All my friends know that a pinky swear from me is just as good as a check from Bill Gates

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