The REALEST thing HE ever spoke!*

I'm in the throws of another crazy week but I'm excited because there have been some major wins! I started the week of with an awesome talk from a great mentor. Without her pulling me aside on Sunday, I'm not sure that I could have this kind of week! I'm seeing things in a entirely new perspective. What I teach to my youth group is finally coming to life for me!

Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Over the past couple of years, I have been put in some trying times & pushed to my limits. More times that I care to admit, I thought to myself that I must have really made God mad at me or that He'd somehow forgotten about me. In reality, I was looking at everything according to the plan that I'd put out & not the one He has for me. Just when I think I've got this all figured out, He blows my mind with what He reveals to me. He hides flawed me to show Himself to others so that I can have favor & opportunities. Now my job is to practice humility and move from a dReAmEr to a DOER!

*Hopefully, God doesn't get too mad at me for my shout to Tupac in the title!

**I promise to have more pics next week. I have some free time this weekend & I'm planning a small adventure. STAY TUNED!!


I need you to...

This has yet again been the longest week of my life but I'll spare you the details. Just know that the release of this video made it all worth while! How can you not love Ms. E Badu!?!?

Am I playing it too safe???



WOW! This week was one for the books & I've got some great memories to go with it. I'm loving all the Girl in the City moments lately. I'll definitely take more weeks like this filled with laughs & love. Now if I could just get Mother Nature to send me a few more sunrays! Until Spring has officially spring, I'll have my yellow shoes to keep a smile on my face!


Baby Hairz

My hair has been a labor of love since 2008 when I finally decided to stop relaxing it. Last summer, I finally got tired of growing it out & did the infamous BC that all curly girls dread but can't wait to get to do. Since then, I've played around with tons of styles & techniques. I'm so obsessed with big hair that it's not funny! My only problem is that I tend to get a little scissor happy. I just nonchalantly whacked off about 2 inches this Friday. It's just hair right?!?!

My latest hair idol:
Julia Sarr - Jamois

I'm a few locks shorter but definitely a Curlazon (my new word) in training!

(Don't judge me! I'm G.R.I.T.S & a sucker for a good club banger! LOL)

Photo courtesy of The Fashion Bomb


It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine!

This weekend was filled with some of the most unexpectedly fun moments. I was banking completely on doing nothing all weekend. I mean, seriously, I was going to be the epitome of Drake’s line “Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on”! (That really is when I’m the cutest!) Lucky for me, people around me had other plans. I find it crazy how the small things speak to you when you see them in passing. I made the promise to myself to always be present in the moment & boy, has it paid off! Life is so much easier & fulfilling when you can recognize sunshine even on the cloudiest days. While perusing Francesca’s with one of my students, I ran across a collection of inspiration knick-knacks. I first saw these at the Tattered Cover in Denver this past November. I fell in love with a new one every day & now I have the most ridiculous collection. Luckily, I was about to keep my debit card in my purse this time around. Here are just a couple of my favs:

Feeds right into my Superwoman complex!


Don’t let my size fool, you I had to stop for grub & what better place than Mellow Mushroom! If you have one of these in your area, there’s no need to explain. If you don’t, FIND ONE!

♥ Life or I'll do it for you!


Wherever we go just bring a little dress...

I tried to be a good Gen X/Yer & hit a networking event this week with a friend but it was a complete dud! Marketing was poor & the atmosphere wasn't good for actual conversation. After a bit of torture, we called it quits. At least, I got in some good music & frolicked in the beautiful weather downtown. Maybe it's for the best because I can never find my stash of business cards when I need them anyway!



Not bad for a boxed lunch!!

Ahhhh, so Monday has rolled around again! I must admit that the past couple of Mondays haven't been a manic as previous ones. I'm glad for a break & it's just in time for Spring. We're having unseasonably nice 70 degree weather that makes me believe things can't get any better! That was until I went to the kitchen to grab my lunch...
Normally, lunch isn't much to brag about but today's is special. After an entertaining afternoon at South of Beale, the girls & I trotted down Main Street for a little more action. The next 20 minutes were filled with the most awkward yet hilarious interactions that forced us to move it along to the next location. We spent another 15 minutes laughing at old ladies parking & frolicking on North Main before settling into Majestic Grille. I'm sure everyone was wondering what could possibly have a group of women in such great spirits. Still giddy from the adventure, none of us finished our meals resulting in my awesome Famous Grilled Cheese with Parmesan fries for today's lunch. The smile on my face today is just as big as it was on Saturday!

Happy Monday!!

In a nutshell...

As if, the world needs another blogger, you just got one! Lucky for you, I'm not looking to change the face of fashion or forcing the masses to go green. I'm just looking for a spot to use as my brain dump.

Random facts about me:

  • Few beverages top sweet tea in my book!
  • I love music that makes my hear sing but sometimes settle for what makes my hips swing!
  • I'm a hopeless romantic with lots of tricks up my sleeves.
  • I'm never on time (so expect sporadic posts).
  • I dream of (& will) one day living in Paris!
  • I hate when people ask me about myself.
  • I'm as clumsy as they get!
  • Unlike most girls, I'm not a fan of roses. *gasp* I prefer gigantically country sunflowers!
  • A career as a Nascar driver crosses my mind, at least, once a week.
  • I own more dresses than all the girls I know but you'll probably catch me in jeans most often.
  • I like my hair the most when I haven't touched it in a couple days!
  • If I can't laugh my way into your heart, I'll just cook my way in!
That's me in a nutshell! So sit back & let's see where this goes!