Not bad for a boxed lunch!!

Ahhhh, so Monday has rolled around again! I must admit that the past couple of Mondays haven't been a manic as previous ones. I'm glad for a break & it's just in time for Spring. We're having unseasonably nice 70 degree weather that makes me believe things can't get any better! That was until I went to the kitchen to grab my lunch...
Normally, lunch isn't much to brag about but today's is special. After an entertaining afternoon at South of Beale, the girls & I trotted down Main Street for a little more action. The next 20 minutes were filled with the most awkward yet hilarious interactions that forced us to move it along to the next location. We spent another 15 minutes laughing at old ladies parking & frolicking on North Main before settling into Majestic Grille. I'm sure everyone was wondering what could possibly have a group of women in such great spirits. Still giddy from the adventure, none of us finished our meals resulting in my awesome Famous Grilled Cheese with Parmesan fries for today's lunch. The smile on my face today is just as big as it was on Saturday!

Happy Monday!!

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