Baby Hairz

My hair has been a labor of love since 2008 when I finally decided to stop relaxing it. Last summer, I finally got tired of growing it out & did the infamous BC that all curly girls dread but can't wait to get to do. Since then, I've played around with tons of styles & techniques. I'm so obsessed with big hair that it's not funny! My only problem is that I tend to get a little scissor happy. I just nonchalantly whacked off about 2 inches this Friday. It's just hair right?!?!

My latest hair idol:
Julia Sarr - Jamois

I'm a few locks shorter but definitely a Curlazon (my new word) in training!

(Don't judge me! I'm G.R.I.T.S & a sucker for a good club banger! LOL)

Photo courtesy of The Fashion Bomb

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