In a nutshell...

As if, the world needs another blogger, you just got one! Lucky for you, I'm not looking to change the face of fashion or forcing the masses to go green. I'm just looking for a spot to use as my brain dump.

Random facts about me:

  • Few beverages top sweet tea in my book!
  • I love music that makes my hear sing but sometimes settle for what makes my hips swing!
  • I'm a hopeless romantic with lots of tricks up my sleeves.
  • I'm never on time (so expect sporadic posts).
  • I dream of (& will) one day living in Paris!
  • I hate when people ask me about myself.
  • I'm as clumsy as they get!
  • Unlike most girls, I'm not a fan of roses. *gasp* I prefer gigantically country sunflowers!
  • A career as a Nascar driver crosses my mind, at least, once a week.
  • I own more dresses than all the girls I know but you'll probably catch me in jeans most often.
  • I like my hair the most when I haven't touched it in a couple days!
  • If I can't laugh my way into your heart, I'll just cook my way in!
That's me in a nutshell! So sit back & let's see where this goes!

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