Let's call this a comeback!

My little section of the interwebz has been abandoned for quite some time now. It's not that I don't love my space here but it had to take a temporary backseat to some things that I needed to get off my plate. Then it fell victim to writer's block, winter blues & outright laziness. I have plenty of things in queue but never published them for whatever reason. Lately I have been focusing on learning how to dream again. Seems weird but, at some point, I completely blocked out the part of me that dares to believe beyond the current reality before my eyes. I joined a month long challenge to see if I could break away from this. My experience during this program has been very positive; though very direct and jarring at times. Nonetheless, I'm glad that I decided to participate. This morning's exercise was cool and I wanted to share. Initially, I cringed because I was pretty sure there was no way that I could finish it. The thought of coming up with 100 things that make me happy seemed crazy. I didn't think I could possibly list 100 different things; period. I did! (Actually my list was more than 100 things but I cut it off) Here it* is:
  1. hugs
  2. kisses
  3. spending quality time with friends & family
  4. conquering a fear
  5. reading
  6. cooking
  7. dancing
  8. sushi
  9. motivating others
  10. dessert
  11. volunteering
  12. seeing others happy
  13. traveling
  14. writing
  15. flowers (especially HUGE sunflowers)
  16. watching the sun rise
  17. talking to my friends
  18. receiving encouraging words from others
  19. praying for others
  20. making others smile
  21. completing an assignment
  22. looking at old pictures
  23. thinking about times with Fix-it Freddy (my grandfather)
  24. receiving a compliment
  25. finding vintage jewelry
  26. the smell of lavender
  27. a huge mug of tea
  28. hearing someone say that they love me
  29. painting my nails
  30. wearing my hair obnoxiously big
  31. sitting in a coffee shop wasting time
  32. standing on a rooftop overlooking the river
  33. going to the movies
  34. going to the park
  35. reading poetry
  36. reading the Bible
  37. listening to Al Green songs
  38. going to concerts
  39. black & white movies
  40. leopard print pumps
  41. peaches
  42. kiwis
  43. Gilmore Girl re-runs
  44. vanilla milkshakes
  45. sitting on the beach reading magazines
  46. Denver, CO
  47. Dallas, TX
  48. SWEET TEA!!!!
  49. omelets
  50. all thinks Italian (especially Italian men)
  51. dreaming of moving to Paris
  52. greasy cheese fries
  53. exercising
  54. going for long walks
  55. butterflies
  56. turtles <~~~~ random!!!
  57. browsing libraries, bookstores & art galleries
  58. the smell of a new car
  59. sugar cookies
  60. craft festivals
  61. cupcakes
  62. Heath cookies from McAlisters (& sweet tea)
  63. cheesecake
  64. coffee (with a lot of cream)
  65. handmade jewelry
  66. massages
  67. dates (with a lot of laughter & genuine conversation)
  68. holding hands
  69. Empire Records, Grease & A Bronx Tale (movies)
  70. listening to my elders talk
  71. scary movies
  72. making hair products & accessories
  73. reading fashion magazines
  74. playing with makeup
  75. flying alone
  76. knowing that someone is thinking of me
  77. "I miss you" texts and phone calls
  78. leaving handwritten notes
  79. lace panties <~~~such a girly thing!
  80. soft leather purses
  81. my crazy furrballs Ava & Avery
  82. quiet time alone
  83. God's revelations to me
  84. supporting a good cause
  85. farmers' markets
  86. big sunglasses
  87. any song by Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu or Chaka Khan
  88. restful sleep <~~~~ a rarity for me
  89. red wine
  90. "Good Morning" texts and phone calls
  91. Anything blue, purple, yellow or green
  92. cozy sweatshirts and sweaters
  93. high heels
  94. holding hands
  95. notebooks
  96. tattoos
  97. jeans worn with cotton t-shirts
  98. tall men with great smiles
  99. unique jewelry
  100. Washington, D.C.
Bonus! Dancing around to this song always puts me in good mood!

Happy New Year!

*The items on my list are in no particular order. I just jotted them down as they came to mind. They are numbered so that I could easily keep track of what number I was on.