Sign of the [Good] Times

For the last month, I've been hearing a weird rattling whenever I'm driving. Like the typical women, I didn't poke around to see what it was. I just figured that I'd mention it to my boyfriend* at the dealership when it was time to get my oil changed. After weeks of this noise, I reached in that little knick-knack nook under the radio and pulled out the source of this clamor. It was the remnants of my once-favorite vintage belt! Poor thing met an untimely & premature death while I was...ummm...carousing downtown during the July 4th weekend. Literally, I watched a chunk of it plummet to the sidewalk. More than likely, I yelled out in despair! Complete details on that night will forever stay under wraps! *hangs head in shame* All I have to show for it is my shattered buckle & even more randomness on my BB memory card. And to that, I say..C'est la vie! Small price to pay for good memories!

*I use the term boyfriend very loosely! The serviceman assigned to me when I bought my car is a doll & takes very good care of me so I return the favor in random snacks or lunch during my maintenance visits. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he's Reggie Bush FINE!!!


Premeditated slackage alert:

My birthday is in 10 days! Depending on the trouble that I can find to get into, it could either result in complete adventure win or epic blogging fail. Whatever the case, be patient as my posts could get even more sporadic than they are now. Can you believe that?? ♥

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  1. Lady you are very fortunate that he was honest and did not try to rip you off after he found the source of the noise. He could have said it was anything and you would not have known! Sorry about your earrings though!


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