Another year in the books!

Yesterday I celebrated my 29th birthday & of course, it was a day of mixed emotions for me. I can't begin to tell you how many people called, e-mailed & texted to ask me when and where was my party. I was beginning to think someone was actually planning a party for me without telling me. With each inquiry, I had to respectfully let down the person and let them know that I had no plans. Honestly, the introvert in me wanted nothing more than to find a small island to jet off to celebrate alone. A private island was out of the question but a drive a couple of hours away did the trick. Funny thing was that the friend that I met up with needed the visit more than me! Cocktails, movies, football and much needed down-time was a nice birthday present for me!

The drawing above is by the talented Brianna McCarthy! I'm a fan of her work & get super giddy whenever she updates her blog with new work. This piece is called Bella - The Colours of Hope, Faith and New Beginnings. We both agreed that she looks a bit like me. What do you think?

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