If you don't know, now YOU KNOW!

My week just got exponentially better! I just got home from a funeral and decided to relax by poking around on the interwebz. Guess what I just discovered! The talented Dawn Okoro is relaunching her site. I don't remember when I was introduced to her work but I've had some links to her work bookmarked. Whenever I'm looking for a little bit of inspiration, I make one of the pictures my screensaver. So imagine how elated I am to see that there will be more of her goodies for me to obsess over!(Sorry, if that sounds creepy but I'm a serious fan of art!)

Just to share a few, here are my favorites:

I would love to have this mounted above my bed! I feel like the symbolism of this one is beyond amazing. I have no idea of the original concept but to me it represents the strength to keep getting up after life's bumps & bruises! Powerful!

This is my screensaver right now! It goes well with my sassiness lately!

If you've never seen the work of this genius, get your booty over to www.dawnokoro.com right now! She's got tons of work up and you're guaranteed to find something that catches your eye.

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