And then there was 1...

How often does this happen? I'm the lucky girl who gets the trolley to myself...AGAIN! I should probably be worried about what people will think of me riding the trolley alone on a Friday night. I'm not. I should probably be worried about some thug snatching my purse. I'm not. I actually kind of like this. Not even the driver has mumbled a word to me. (My guess is that he likes being alone, too.) As odd as it seems to others, I like it this way. Only when I'm alone can I really appreciate myself. Being in the mix throws in added nuisance of insecurity & doubt. Who wants to party with those two Debbie Downers? In this moment, I love that no one can be dorky, charming, mysterious and passionate ME!

Growing up, we're constantly told that we're unique & there's no one else like us. Well, I can boast that's pretty accurate for me. See, I'm part of the 1%! Not just any 1% but THE 1% that wears the label INFJ! In moments like this, my INFJ is at peace & can rest but still relish in the moment. We like the chance to just be surrounded by space. For in that space, our creativity and intellect run wild. All the problems of the world are quickly solved once space exists. I love space & it loves me. We make a powerful couple that can take the world head on. So we'll finish this ride & things will be much clearer at the end. And then I'll step back into world as just one of many but my favorite ONE!

*I wrote this last night while doing one of my favorite things in the entire world - riding the Main Street trolley. In my perfect world, I can get in one Main Street visit a week. It's only $1 each time you get on and it pays for itself over and over again. This is where I get in the best people watching and conversations with strangers. My BlackBerry is full of these random thoughts which, until now, have never seen the light of day. Eeeek!

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