I never said being a lady was easy!

So it's official that I'm currently going through the infamous Third Life Crisis! Don't be alarmed because I'll be over it in a few days. I went through this at twenty-five and I only remember that it was done right after it started. Good thing is that I'm now super obsessed with knowing more of who I am down to the core. We spend so many years obeying others' rules and norms that we suppress the very deviance that makes us an individual. (By no means am I advocating deviant behavior but I am encouraging self-reflection!) The best thing about his journey is that I've realized that I'm such a girly-girl at heart that it's unreal. I've played sports most of my life & have been "one of the guys" since I was little. Who would have thunk it! I can look at my closet right now & totally see the style evolution that has manifest over the years to back up this latest finding. And I'm 100% okay with that!

A couple of weeks ago, I was catching up on my blog reading and finally got to one of my favorite street style blogs Swagger 360. (IDK why I never start with this blog because it always has me grinning ear to ear after I've been on it 2 hours!) I'm not just a fan of all the pictures but I really enjoy the commentary that's sprinkled throughout the site. It's not too much but just enough to be thought-provoking. One entry in particular really had me snapping and yelling "Amen" the whole way through. Take a peek...On Being a Lady

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