I guess I neglected to mention that I was going on vacation & wouldn't be posting for a little bit! Guess that I'm getting old! Nonetheless, I had a blast and the time away was much needed. I got to see Maxwell, N*E*R*D & Erykah Badu in concert while I was away. I'm still on Cloud 9! I would totally bombard you with pictures but I dropped my memory card reader on the last day rendering it a shattered mess. Until I get off my butt to get another one, here's a pic of me on the way to get some grub! Happy Monday!


  1. I am SOOOOOO jealz of you. That concert must've been AMAZZZZINNNGG

  2. It was awesome (for lack of a word to fully describe how stoked I was)! Check my Facebook page for a few videos. Still pics will be up soon, too.


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