To me, With Love!

Ever wake up, peel yourself from the bed, head to the bathroom, glance in the mirror and think "Damn, I'm a hardcore cutie!" I don't have those mornings very often but I did this morning! It could have been the true full-night of sleep that I got that made me delirious but I was really feeling myself this morning. Even in my scarf, I had a little Halle Berry going on! To commemorate this glorious moment, here's just a few things that I love about me:

  1. I smile so much that my cheeks hurt some days! I have no earthly idea why I smile so hard but I do. I have tons of pictures growing up that are nothing but teeth and gums! It drove my mom crazy when school picture proofs came back but I thought I was fine as wine. Now that I have braces, my extreme smiling skills are a million times more noticeable but I'm still okay with it.
  2. I absolutely love my eyes! There is nothing super spectacular about them other than they're brown. I have friends with far more exotic colored eyes but I like mine better. They really have depth which isn't something you see everyday. It took someone to point this out me and now I'm totally obsessed. It's like looking into an endless series of open doors!
  3. My hair in completely unruly! Two years ago, I made the unpopular (amongst my friends & family) decision to grow out my relaxer & go natural. For a year, I wrestled with this unknown texture and finally I've found my mojo. I've been wearing it "out" since last June and know this was the way I was meant to be. I've endured my fair share of stares and snide remarks but I'm unfazed, at this point. There are days that it does what it wants and I'm just along for the ride. No matter what crazy contortion my curls are in, I LOVE IT!
  4. I LOVE MUSIC! I have one of the most eclectic thirsts for music and it's all because of where I live. At four years old, I was going down on Beale Street with my grandparents to listen to live music. I can't imagine a Saturday morning without the sounds of BB King, Johnny Taylor or Al Green. Now, I must have music playing at all times. I'm nerdy in that I like to research newer songs to find out where the sample was taken from. No musician or genre is off limits for at least one listen. I've rarely met a beat that I couldn't dance to!
  5. I'm a nerd (as previously stated)! No one ever wants to admit this because society puts beauty before brains. I'm 100% okay with admitting that I like to read. Plus, I'm single-handedly keeping Google in business. I hate not knowing things so I have apps like and on my BlackBerry. Don't judge me! At the end of the day, a pretty face is nice but don't you want someone who knows the meaning to all the big words that you know? *smirk*
  6. I abuse the use of exclamation points! It's because I'm a great storyteller and no story has ever been done justice with just the use of boring, old periods. A Facebook friend brought this to my attention and I couldn't help but snicker. Sometimes, I just can't help it!!

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