Now you've got me wondering!

True to my cluttered tendencies, my inbox is a disorganized mess! I have over 1600 e-mails in my Gmail inbox. This is after deleting the millions of Facebook & foursquare notifications. Sadly, I can't bring myself to delete any of these. Most include files or info that I don't want to send into the interwebz black hole of deleted files. Some are just random & funny so I keep them around for a quick laugh. I was combing through them this morning looking for a picture when I ran across two messages from someone that I was kinda-sorta dating. (I use dating loosely because so many people have their own definition. We'd gone out semi-regular basis but there was a failure to launch anything major.) Both were random pictures of me that he'd taken when I wasn't paying attention and initially I hated them both. I have no idea why I kept them. Crazy how he sent one to me while we were literally in the midst of a disagreement. I was giving him my best riot act when my phone started to vibrate in my hands. I looked down to see a message from him. I opened it and saw a picture he'd taken of me sleep on his couch exactly a week prior. I remember that exact moment because I felt like someone was standing over me but knew that he was in the other room getting ready for a meeting. I was too exhausted to wake up but I guess that I was right, huh!?!? Now that I'm looking at the pictures a couple of months later, I can't help but wonder why he took them. To me, they are pretty unattractive and boring. But I wonder what they meant to him. I want to believe that in those moments he saw effortless beauty or something magical like that. Like life's many unanswered questions, I guess this would just be another one added to the list!

*The header picture is not one of them! Thank goodness!

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