Your friendly neighborhood h4xx0r!!

Before you get alarmed & think I'm pushing illegal substances, "h4xx0r" is just a way of saying hacker! And by hacker, I really am friendly & just doing a few D.I.Y projects. If you know me then you know there are few accessories that I've come face-to-face with that I didn't like. Bad for me because I've run out of places to store my collection. I thought a no-buy would buy me time to solving this problem. NOPE! It's just turned me into a D.I.Y fool! In just a few projects I've saved myself about...brace yourself...$400!!! What can I say, I have expensive taste!

After church, I jumped in the Blue Bullet and headed over to Joann Fabrics to see what I could get into for the afternoon. So here's what I've been up to:

Hack #1 - Rope necklace

I first saw this D.I.Y done by Maegan of Maegan a few months ago. At the time, I was too lazy to look for the supplies so, essentially, it was just another bookmark saved for no reason. I rediscovered her blog last month & decided I was going to go through with it this time. One minute, two curtain ties, one spool of ribbon & $8, I had a new necklace! It was so easy & cheap that I can see this being my staple necklace for the fall. (Sales alert: The curtain ties run $4.99 but are 40% off right now making them $2.99!)

Hack #2 - Feather Headband

This was an impromptu purchase while I was at the fabric store. It was inspired by a picture of Laura Izibor that I saw online earlier. (SN: F*ck Yeah Curls Curls Curls is an awesome site for curly inspiration. If you aren't a curly, this site will push you over the edge!) Headbands like this can range from a few dollars at Forever 21 to $$$ for designer ones. I was able to make this one for $5!! Not too shabby & it will surely distract from any bad hair day!

Hack #3 - Makeup Organizer

Over the past year or so, I've gotten into makeup. It's never been anything major just a few lipglosses, eyeshadow pans, and mascaras. Some kind of way, my small collection has expanded to a couple of highly disorganized makeup bags. I just couldn't take it any more so I made the step to fix that. I stole an idea from Sephora to organize my brushes, lip & eye liners and random other tools. The jars & sand cost me just $5. Yay for me!

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