So you want the burger & fries but no drink?

Color me confuzzled!! I was in the oddest conversation earlier this week. I was having a casual chat with a male friend about some recent engagement announcements & the dating game, in general. I jokingly said that I'm ready to be engaged so that I can get a ridiculous rock! (Before you flip your wig, I know that's not what marriage is about. I'm well aware of the commitment & work involved. This was just a part of our morning ramblings.) I listened very attentively as he stated "I'll tell you what the problem is & why you don't get approached!". The next part felt like I'd been backhand smacked across the face! He continued on to say that men aren't going to be up to the task of approaching me because my height is intimidating, I'm attractive & just by looking at me, you can tell I don't take any bullsh*t. At risk of sounding braggadocios, I have to say he's right about those observations.

What I don't get is why any of this would bother a man! Why wouldn't a guy look for a mate with the proverbial "total package". (I'm aware humbly that I'm not perfect but I know what I bring to the table.) Call me whatever you may but what would make a guy turn away from an opportunity to match wits with a woman who has her head on straight & that he can deal with on the up & up? Am I in the minority for seeking the same things? Whatever the case, this is yet another conversation that pushes me to challenge my thinking & understanding of others. I'm not completely offended by his offering in this conversation as I know ill-intent was not the motive. It just surprises me this would be a problem for some men. Makes you ask if what you're seeking is really what you want! Hmmmm...

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