The countdown begins...(and rambling about my rambling)

I'm awfully ramble-y lately! I'm not sure what the deal is but I feel like I'm much more talkative than usual. I'm 99.9999956% sure that it's because I'm rounding my last days in my 20s. I guess instead of going out & blowing money on things I don't need, I'm gushing with random babble. God bless my friends for bearing with me. Luck for you that you only get my 2 cents if I click "publish post". The loves of my life get a dose of me by way of phone call, BBM, GChat, text, carrier pigeon and sneak attack. There's not nearly enough wine, chocolate & shiny things by which I could sufficiently repay them for the energy they expend to keep me sane (and from running off to be a nun who sneakily drinks wine in her room of the convent while waiting on the hot Italian guy who delivers the bread each day. If I'm going to finish my days in a convent, at least, allow me to view the merchandise since I can't touch it!). As I was saying, My friends are the bestest that a girl can have & I don't take them for granted a single day.

Speaking of awesome friends, I'm planning to couch surf at a friend's in the very near future. Since my trip last summer, I've spent over 365 days craving pizza from Gino's East in Chicago and I think I will explode if I do not consume it soon. So to Chi-town I will go! I'm not really up for a Dirty 30 party so I'm just going to hang with my friend, eat my way through the Gino's East menu, frolic on Pennsylvania Avenue for a few days, then bring it back home. This is how I want to welcome my 30s! I'm silently counting the days until my feet touch Midwest soil!

P.S. I got the Instructional Design Specialist position that I've been going after & I am so excited! It's taken a month of exhausting interviews, pushing myself and encouraging words from friends. Again, I feel blessed beyond measure!

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  1. Aww, congrats on your new position! You'll have a blast in Chi-town! ;-)


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