Gimme that!

The other day, I had a tad bit of free time after work and I decided to swing my Anthropologie. This place normally gets me in so much trouble. (Not so) surprisingly, it's not the clothes that I have a hard time resisting. It's the random knick-knacks they sell that I must have. Only in Anthropologie would I feel completely justified in purchasing a $25 notebook. Despite my weakness, I ducked in and quickly fell back into bad habit. I resisted as much as I could by leaving with just a belt. I wore it out on a date last night. (I'll spare you the sad details of that monstrosity!) I can't wait to wear it more!

Here's what caught my eye! Maybe I'll get something with the 15% off birthday card they sent last week.

Don't act like you're surprised that I'd be drooling over a book!

Love this cute dish for keeping up with my rings!

Despite my coffee addiction, I thought this would also work as a cute alternative flower pot!

I have such a weakness for skirts & dresses!
The kangaroo pouch pocket on this Dolce Vita number is a plus!

Though I have been keeping shopping to a minimum for essentials, I did "splurge" a bit on a recent trip to Starbucks. Overall, Beyonce did pretty good with 4. It's taken me a while to like most of the songs. My favorites are Party, Countdown, Rather Die Young & Run the World. Bey rarely does wrong in my eyes & she delivered for me on this album. It's worth checking out!


  1. Anthropologie is my weakness too! I hate that you can buy things from the website because thats what I usually end up doing.

  2. I've been able to resist their site (for now). I like the atmosphere of walking through the store to get decorating & DIY tips.


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