Forgive my disbelief!

Sometimes I can't believe:
  • what an awesome set of friends that I have
  • just how wrong I was about life as a teen
  • the awesome endless possibilities this world holds
  • how much love I am capable of expending despite all the hurt I've experienced
  • what a cruel world I live in
  • the kindred souls I've met despite us being so many miles away
  • how much I have grown in the last 5 years
  • how paralyzing some of my most irrational fears are to me
  • my brain hasn't exploded from all the dorky & useless info I cram into it
  • how much I love sushi
  • I survived my teen years without crumbling to ashes
  • I have these 2 piercings and want more
  • how massive my hair is
  • I'm not out of these damn braces yet
  • people actually care what I have to say
  • I'm madly in love with someone & there's absolutely nothing that I can do about it
  • God chooses repeatedly to use me bring life back to others
  • that person in the mirror is me
Disbelief is the most counterproductive cognitive function! The only way to cure it is simply to do the opposite and just believe. Each day is a process that I'm willing to give my all to because I know the end result will be worth the effort.

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