Stumbling onto the right answers...

I had a little bit of downtime on my vacation last week & had an opportunity to reflect on lessons that I've learned (& re-learned) this year. I don't think the blogosphere has enough space for me to go into details on how & why. Besides, I think the lessons are far more valuable than the stories at this point. Though the process of learning is not always easy or the most comfortable position to be in, I find myself humbled and grateful to undergo such a thing. I always hope that I'm making the best decisions & honestly, I never really know until I'm crossing the threshold into the consequences. If I had to grade myself on mastering this life thing, I'd say I'm passing. The challenge is just getting from good to great! Enjoy!
  • Pick up my feet! (Directed at my clumsy inner 13 year old self!)
  • "Why?" is never a dumb question when my happiness/destiny is involved.
  • Get carried away in what I love!
  • It's not my problem when someone can't see how awesome I am! (*not trying to be conceited)
  • Don't suppress my inner pioneer!
  • Fear is a wasteful emotion.
  • If hearing "no" is the worst case scenario, I'm in a good place.
  • When I love from the right place, I'm energized.
  • Inspiration is omnipresent if I just change my perspective.
  • Keep believing in a fairy tale ending until it happens. It will!
  • Those that want me in their lives will make it known & make room.
  • Some things are worth just doing & apologizing afterwards.
  • Stop apologizing so much!
  • Great thinkers must eventually move on to be great doers.
  • My grandparents & parents did what they could to open doors. I can't be afraid to kick in the ones still closed!
  • Buying planes tickets to travel thousands of miles away, without a clear game plan, isn't really that scary.
  • Don't be afraid to walk away, especially when no good is possible.
  • It's okay to keep a mystery about me to preserve what I treasure most.
  • Not only does my opinion matter but it's also relevant.
  • Don't be afraid to offer silence as an answer when action will speak louder.
  • I'm enough!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. All of your epiphanies are brilliant, but I especially favor the last..."I'm enough". I am teaching my daughter that she is " good enough" as in good enough to to get go to college, good enough to get straight A's, good enough to be treated with dignity and respect, and good enough not to a doormat.

  2. I must admit that I wish I wish I had someone to teach me a fraction of these lessons as I was growing up. With all that's out there today, you can't help but feel like you are lacking in some form or fashion. Either you're not smart enough, attractive enough, sexy enough, you name it & you're not enough. And that's all the farthest from the truth! Once we reach the satisfaction of being enough & toss aside those crazy unattainable measurements, life seems much easier !

  3. i especially love the last lesson you learned...i think i am in the process of learning that one right now :) it's so freeing to look back and see how much you have grown and all the lessons you have learned!! great list! and i always loved this song by fergie :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  4. Thanx for stopping by my blog and commenting lady! : ) have a great week.

  5. @Dee - I love it when the Fergie song comes across Pandora. It reminds me to take a deep breath & live!

    @Sew Inspired - No problem! You're going to motivate me tap into my (secret) sewing skills!


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